Meet Tyler & Frank Larson

Larco Construction specializes in mid-century modern homes. Tyler and Frank are the proud owners of Larco Construction.


Frank's passion is remodeling and custom woodworking for mid-century modern homes -- specialty skills he has been honing for over three decades. 

Tyler is Frank's son. "My dad is an Eichler rock star," Tyler says and he should know. He grew up working side-by-side with his dad, learning the ins and outs of mid-century modern remodeling.  Now he too specializes in the skills needed to work with these unique homes. 

Tyler and Frank continually see how mid-century modern homes can easily be ruined by sub-standard repairs. Years of experience have brought them to understand the nuances and inner workings of these homes. For instance, they know working on older homes can mean needing to source those unusual replacement parts that give a house its unique personality. This is just one example of what Tyler and Frank can bring to your homes' remodeling needs.


Frank has been passing his skills, knowledge and passion for Eichlers and Strengs on to Tyler for the past 10 years. Now Tyler is stepping into a leadership role in the family general contracting business. 


So please give Larco Construction a call or send a message. Let Tyler and Frank know about your home-improvement needs. They'd be happy to help.  


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